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Visual Studio Code - April 2022 (version 1.67)

Visual Studio Code - April 2022 (version 1.67)

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Damian Wasielewski
·Apr 28, 2022·

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The key highlights include:

  • Explorer file nesting - Nest generated files under source files in the Explorer.

  • Settings editor filters - Filter button brings up searches such as @Modified settings

  • Bracket pair colorization - Colored bracket pairs are now enabled by default.

  • Toggle inlay hints - Ctrl+Alt to quickly hide or show inlay hints in the editor.

  • Drag and drop to create Markdown links - Drop files into the editor to create Markdown links.

  • Find All References in Markdown - Quickly find all references to headers, files, URLs.

  • Java extension updates - Now supporting inlay hints and lazy variable resolution.

  • UX Guidelines for extension authors - Guidance for VS Code extension UI best practices.

  • New Rust language topic - Learn how to use the Rust programming language in VS Code.

Read More (v1.67)

The new version of the editor can be downloaded here.

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