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Visual Studio Code - May 2022 (version 1.68)

Visual Studio Code - May 2022 (version 1.68)

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Damian Wasielewski
·May 27, 2022·

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The key highlights include:

  • Configure Display Language - See installed and available Language Packs in their language.

  • Problems panel table view - View errors and warnings as a table to quickly filter on their source.

  • Deprecated extensions - Learn whether an extension is deprecated or should be replaced.

  • Extension sponsorship - Support the developers who build your favorite extensions.

  • Hide Explorer files using .gitignore - Reuse your existing .gitignore to hide files in the Explorer.

  • Terminal color and contrast enhancements - Find match background color, min contrast ratio.

  • Git branch protection - Branch protection available right inside VS Code.

  • TypeScript Go to Source Definition - Jump directly to a symbol's JavaScript implementation.

  • VS Code for the Web localization - vscode.dev now matches your chosen browser language.

  • Development Container specification - Learn more about the evolving dev container spec.

  • Preview: Markdown link validation - Detects broken links to headers, images, and files.

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The new version of the editor can be downloaded here.

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